Bucket List


* Get my master's degree. At some point.

* Take the kids to DisneyWorld.

* Learn to speak Italian fluently.

* Get a tattoo. Completed December 2014.

* Write a book. One day.

* Meet the President.

* Hike the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end (northbound).

What's on your bucket list? 


  1. Hi! Just dropping by to say that I really like your blog and that I am a new follower! I love the idea of posting a bucket list on your blog and all the things you want to do sound fabulous! I would love to go to Hawaii, Canada, and Italy! I believe Italy is at the top of my list!! Have a good day and check out my blog if you get a chance. :)

  2. This is so awesome!! I love Bucket Lists, for starters, and have been procrastinating on making mine! So when I finally do I need to remember #1! Haha! But I feel like we have a lot in common! I love to travel, and want to go all sorts of foreign places. Also it's very nest you used to plan weddings. Is it as stressful as it seems like it would be? I'm getting married next May, and I'm very stressed!
    Anyway after all my rambling, I love your blog! I found a new favorite!

  3. I love it! I've been sitting on my 40 before 40 list since May cause I couldn't think of 40 things. I can't decide if that's sad or not :)

  4. I love your bucket list, you have a lot of really great things on there. I love making lists in general, haha, and of course you have to have one thing already checked off when you make it! I would love if you checked out my bucket list (:

  5. You've never been to NYC?! Come visit!!

  6. Just found your blog and am now following! I love the bucket list, I always have ideas floating through my head but I need to just write them down! Thanks for inspiring me to do that today :) would love if you checked out my blog! michaelandwhitneyweekes.blogspot.com


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