Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Say Anything

I hope you enjoy this installment of "Say Anything".

Me - xx years old
Hubs - 32 years old
Dom - 8 years old
William - 6 years old


William: MOM! Dom is on your phone. He keeps taking pictures of me!
Me: Dom, please stop taking pictures of your brother.
Dom: But Mom, I can't help it, William is such a majestical model.

Actual photo he took during this conversation.

Me: Ew, you boys need a bath. You smell like goat farts.
Me: Well, have you actually ever smelled a goat fart?
Me: Exactly.

Photo credit: Rebecca J. Imagery 

Me: William, your dad and I are taking you and your brother to the Natural History Museum this weekend. Doesn't that sound like fun? They have a bunch of interesting things to see.
William: Like what? Video games? Toys? 
Me: No, no toys. But really cool stuff like animal bones and fossils.
William: So we're just going to look at stuff? 
Me: ...yes. 
William: This is going to be so boring.

Photo Credit: Rebecca J. Imagery 

Hubs: We gotta get home. I have to go to the bathroom. 
Dom: Number 1 or number 2? 
Hubs: Number 3. 
Dom: That sounds bad.

Dom: I like Gigi. You can't like her, too. We can't have the same girlfriend. 
William: She's not your girlfriend. 
Dom: OK, but I liked her first. Plus, she's in 3rd grade like me. You're just a baby. 
William: Yeah, but I'm a cute baby.

Photo credit: Rebecca J. Imagery

Me and Hubby: *smooch*
Dom: Did you guys just kiss?
Hubby: Yes.
Dom: EW! Helloooo, I'm in the room!

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