Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking Ahead

When untraveled paths are in front of you, wide open and inviting, which way do you go? There are no sign posts, no guidebooks, no flashing arrows. Just this thing called potential.

People always give "potential" a positive connotation. "Oh, you have so much potential." "You're so talented at [xyz], don't waste your potential." 

But you also have the potential to fail. So, what do you do? Do you let it paralyze you? If you don't do anything, then you can't do it wrong, right? But that's no way to live. That balance of safety vs. risk, failure vs. success, status quo vs. progress - isn't that the age-old struggle for all of us? 

In previous years, I remember January being a time of planning and hope and positivity. I would sit and make a list of ALL THE THINGS that I wanted to do and accomplish. And by the time December rolled around, I would have accomplished less than 25% of it. And I would feel like a failure every time. 

This year, I'm still planning and hopeful and positive. But it has manifested itself in a much different way. 

In 2017, I want: 

-to put my mental and physical health first. 
-to do the best that I can. 
-to be present for my family. 
-to know that it's OK to "fail".
-to know that I have friends and family to turn to. 
-to know that progress doesn't have to mean big changes - little things add up, too. 
-to remind myself that success isn't just about checking things off a list. 

What do you want for 2017?  

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