Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VCRs and Faded Memories

Do you remember those little old TVs that had a VCR built in? I had one of those in my room growing up. And every summer, I'd watch VHS movies every single day. I'd give my mom a list of movies that I wanted to watch and she'd get a few from Blockbuster and bring them back home for me after she got home from work. And I'd spend the next few days glued to the TV. And the cycle would repeat. 

I undoubtedly watched a lot of things that I shouldn't have at the age of 11 or 12. But hey. It was an interesting education, to say the least. Lots of serious dramas, gory horror movies, and inappropriate comedies. It was the BEST time ever. I'd make popcorn and just sit and bask in the movie glory. 

I watched so many movies all the time that we bought one of those special VHS rewinders. You remember those? Be kind, rewind. Ha! I was such a nerd, even back then. 

I read an article that the last VCR manufacturer ceased production in July. So there will be no more VCRs made in the world ever. It's kind of sad in a way. I know that everybody is all about DVDs and Blu-Rays and On-Demand. It's quicker, it's shinier, it's easier. But I kind of miss my VCR and my VHS tapes. That satisfying "thunk" when you push the tape in and press play. The whirring sound as the movie starts up. 

Those devices are obsolete now. Just like those summers I spent watching movies as a kid. Time marches on, folks. Technology evolves. Memories fade. I read that an estimated 50% of VHS movies were never transferred to DVD. That's crazy. If anybody still has a VCR and some VHS tapes, you should totally make a time capsule. Or save it and one day it will be worth a ton of money. All old things become new and in fashion again if you wait long enough, right? :) 

Anyway. That was my trip down memory lane this week. Ciao. 

*This post was inspired by the weekly writing prompt from The Figment Forum, a writing community for the word-lovers out there. 

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