Monday, September 19, 2016

Bridge the Gap

The days get longer
And our patience wears thin
There's never enough hours in a day
I think to myself again

Life is complex
It's gone so far beyond busy
My memories bolster me
Keep me from feeling dizzy

Why do so many other things 
Grab our attention
And pull it in so many other directions
I guess you just got forgot to mention

That there's a lull in every story
A period when the distance grows
Sometimes I wonder 
If we'll ever truly know

What to call this place
I just want to be near you
And smell your sweet smell
Hear you say you love me, too

They say it's not the destination
But the journey that matters
So grab my hand and let's go
Bridge the gap before it shatters

The wings have fallen off
And the wind has died down
But we'll keep holding on
In the heartbeat of this ghost town

*This post was inspired by the weekly writing prompt from The Figment Forum, a writing community for those with words in their heart. Click here to join.*

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