Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Words of Encouragement

The other day, I received a card from a dear friend. I wasn't expecting anything and getting that surprise in the mailbox made me smile. And when I opened it, the very first line said, "Dear Mia - I believe in you." And I immediately burst into tears. 

I had been doubting myself, as I normally do, and thinking about giving up on something I was working on. And her words of encouragement just really hit me in the feels. It's a very powerful feeling to know that someone believes in you. It means that they can see past your weaknesses, and see past your excuses. They know that you have the strength, the capability, and the kick-assery to get stuff done.  

And when someone believes in you, it gives you a sense of accountability. It motivates you to succeed. Because you want to prove them right. Even if you do fail, then knowing that they'll be there to cheer you on as you pick yourself back up and try again - it means so much. It can be the little shove you need to stay the course. 

"When you believe in someone you profoundly increase their ability to have faith in themselves and achieve." -Jason Versey

I sent a love note to my newsletter subscribers last week (click here if you want love notes, too!) about just being there for someone. Being there doesn't have to mean spending a million dollars on presents. It means letting someone know that you care, that you are willing to listen to what they have to say. And that can mean the world. 

So, take time out today to tell someone you believe in them. And watch their eyes as they shine a little brighter. Watch them stand a little taller and smile a little wider. Watch their jaw set in determination. 

And then watch out as they kick ass and take names. 

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