Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Something New

I want to do something different. Something I've never done before. Go down a new path and move as far way from predictability as I can. Do you ever feel that way? I'm tired of routine - the same old thing, day in and out. I have this strong urge to go skydiving or get more tattoos or sell all my stuff and move to somewhere remote and tropical. Something to break up the monotony of adult life.

Wouldn't it be cool to paint a picture of the sunset on the beach? Or sleep under the stars? Write poetry in a log cabin in the mountains? Ride a train in Europe and see a castle somewhere? Kiss my hubby under a waterfall? Show my kids there's more to the world than our town that we grew up in? Wouldn't it be cool to wake up and just go do whatever you feel like doing? 

When did we become prisoners to our own lives instead of conductors? 

I want new experiences. So... how do I go about achieving this? Good question. I should probably start by getting out of my pj's today. Maybe. 

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