Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I Do Not Say

A poem about what I do not say

There's so many things that I do not say. 
You couldn't hear me anyway from that other page. 
My silence speaks volumes, is how the saying goes. 
The gap gets ever wider and yet you just froze. 

I scream in my head and beg for you to hear. 
But you dance around my cries like an expert puppeteer. 
One day the silence will be all that's left. 
Perfect for ears that are deaf. 

I can't describe how miserable I feel. 
I could try, but I have tried, so what's the appeal? 
The rain keeps falling every single day. 
It's the soundtrack of our lives, the perfect shade of gray. 

What I do not say
Could fill the pages of a Shakespearean play. 
Of this I am 100% certain. 
Will you open or close the curtain?

My sadness grows little by little. 
It's as useless to me as a nickel. 
I've lost my way somehow. 
I wish you could fix me now. 

*Original poem by me

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