Monday, May 9, 2016


Two steps forward. One step back. 
It's not about a Paula Abdul song.
Just life not cutting me some slack. 

The rain keeps falling - drip, drip, drip. 
I walk endlessly, getting soaked to my soul. 
Inevitably, life sticks its foot out and I trip. 

Face first, down into a puddle I go. 
Muddy, angry, sad - I don't know how to feel. 
But it doesn't matter, this tale of woe. 

I send out love.
It sends back a laugh.  
And just for fun, a great big shove. 

Water everywhere, I can feel it in my bones. 
It's dragging me down, so far, so fast. 
Dumping behind me a box of stones. 

It's bound to happen - triggered by a jinx. 
Keep a careful eye on life,
Sending out its cruel winks. 

Two steps forward. One step back. 
I don't even know anymore, 
A great many things I lack. 

*Original poem by me

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