Sunday, May 22, 2016

Coffee Always Helps

I was getting coffee earlier this afternoon and I was struck by the quiet comfort of the coffee shop. People talking in hushed whispers, just enjoying their coffee and their companion, or book, or laptop. It felt nice. I haven't ever done it - gone to a coffee shop to just sit and enjoy myself. 

Why do I always feel guilty about taking time for myself? Being away for an hour at a coffee shop will not end the world. But I always make excuses about why I shouldn't do it. 

Excuses and guilt are like the kissing cousins of douchebaggery. 

I need me time. I need time to be alone with my thoughts. I need time to blow off steam. I need to be my own person, before going back to being the person who is needed by several other people. 

Feeling guilty about being yourself is like feeling guilty about breathing. It's stupid. 

Bottom line is - listen to your inner voice, but sometimes take the conversation with a grain of salt. We program ourselves with a ton of negative bullshit, so your first instinct isn't always your best one. 

P.S. Drink lots of coffee. Coffee always helps. 

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