Friday, April 29, 2016

Triumph: A Beautiful Season of Life

Do you ever just feel super proud of yourself? Of what you've accomplished and how far you've come? I've been feeling that way lately. There's no reason in particular, just an accumulation of how my days and weeks have been going recently. 

I feel creatively fulfilled. I launched The Figment after many, many months of thinking and planning and doubting. Holl & Lane is growing leaps and bounds and I'm super proud to be a part of the team. I've been reading my little tushie off. And best of all, I've been inspired to write again. 

My stress and anxiety levels are way down. Work is going well. I also have free time to pursue the things I'm passionate about (see above). I don't feel rushed, I don't feel like everything is falling through the cracks. I don't find myself wanting to cry from sheer exhaustion. 

I've had more family time with my hubby and kids than I've ever had. And that makes my heart the happiest of all. We laugh, we snuggle, we enjoy each other's company. Hubs is now off on weekends for the first time ever. It's just been a really good time for us.

I'm blessed to have supportive friends. Friends who let me bounce ideas off of them and have silly conversations. Who never get tired of me talking about books or writing or cats. Friends who encourage me every step of the way and believe in me more than I believe in myself sometimes. Thank you, ladies.     

I'm not a famous author with a dozen best-selling books. And I probably won't ever be. But that's OK. This is a beautiful season of life. And I've worked hard to get here. 

This post was inspired by the weekly writing prompt at The Figment Forum. Come join the fun. A new prompt is posted every Thursday. 

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