Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What to Do When You've Fallen Out of Love With Yourself

Do you ever feel like you've fallen out of love with yourself? Like all of your critics are exactly right - you ARE {insert unflattering word here}. Unmotivated? Unfit? Not "serious" enough? Not "accomplished" enough? I think many of us have been there at some point or another. When you start feeling this way, stop and try these 7 things to rediscover something you've known all along - you're pretty damn awesome! 

(1)  Silence... everything.  
Your phone. Toxic friendships. The TV. Sit and just listen to your thoughts. What's bothering you? What is one thing you can do today to cheer yourself up? Or maybe yoga or meditation is more up your alley. Tune out the noise and reconnect with yourself. 

(2)  Journal.  
This one is my personal favorite. Sometimes it's easier to write the words/thoughts that you can't say out loud. Sometimes all it takes to open up the floodgates is that very first sentence: "Lately I've been feeling...." 

(3)  Travel.  
You don't have to have buckets of money to do this one. You hear people say this all the time - be a tourist in your own town. Go check out that coffee shop you've been meaning to try. Go to that park you used to love when you were little. Camp in your backyard. Or if you do have the dinero, take a solo road trip or flight to somewhere you've never been. Sometimes a change of scenery helps us to process our thoughts and helps us appreciate ourselves and our situations back home that much more. 

(4)  Make a list of everything that you love about yourself. 
Your eyes, your sense of humor, your big heart, your kick-ass cooking skills. Don't sell yourself short. You've got SO much going for you. 

(5)  Ask your friends/partner/family what they love about you.  
Sometimes we just can't see ourselves clearly. 

(6)  Treat yourself.  
Go get that pedicure you've been postponing. Binge watch House of Cards (or whatever show is your fave). Go out to dinner with friends and spend a couple of hours chatting and catching up - along with dessert and/or wine of course. Or, if you're nerdy like me, get that book/journal/pretty pen set that's been on your wishlist forever. 

(7)  Take selfies. A lot of them.  
This one might sound silly, but it's one of my faves. You don't have to post them anywhere. But just let your goof flag fly. Make faces. Be sultry. Add weird filters or props. The point is - just have fun and make yourself laugh! 

Love yo'self. You're the you-est you there is. :) 

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