Friday, March 11, 2016

Read All About It: The Hereafter {Cover Reveal}

I am sooo excited to share with you guys today the cover reveal for The Hereafter by Jessica Bucher. Jessica is a fellow blogger and bookworm and I've enjoyed following along with her. The Hereafter will be available on March 18th! Check out the beautiful cover reveal: 

Cover design by Fran of FreeBorboleta

Here's a synopsis of the book:

Nin has no recollection of her death. 

The things she does remember, like her cruel boyfriend, troubled father, and absent mother, she’d like to forget. 

Dylan doesn’t need to remember his death to know that he deserved it. Who needs memories when you have the scars? 

Sparks ignite when the two, very different, strangers meet. Together they spend one endless summer exploring their new world. Suddenly, their after-lives hold more possibility and promise than their tragic teenage lives ever did.

But no dream lasts forever, and all too soon, harmful memories from their pasts emerge and threaten to tear them apart.  Given the chance to change their fates, Nin and Dylan must decide-- life or love.

Weaving through past and present and alternating perspectives, The Hereafter is an emotional journey about young love and second chances.

The Hereafter
Jessica Bucher
Available March 18, 2016

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I'm so excited, I can't wait to read the book! :) Hope you guys check it out, too. Jessica is good peoples. 

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.

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