Monday, March 28, 2016

Introducing: The Figment

I'm really excited to introduce a project that has been near and dear to my heart for a while. In the Fall of last year, I really wanted to create some sort of community for writers to give each other encouragement and feedback and inspiration. And then life happened and I got busy and stressed and just kind of put it on the backburner for a while. And then the Write or Die Wednesdays link up ended and my desire for a writing community came back full force. 

So... here we are. I'm putting together the finishing touches, but wanted you guys to know that it's coming and I really hope you follow along. Anyone who has ever had words in their heart and soul - this community is for you. 

Keep an eye on The Figment page for more updates, and don't forget to check us out on all the socials (links below). Big, squishy, virtual, writer-y hugs to you all. 

*Special thank you to my bud Sarah for designing the logo for The Figment. It's perfection

Annddd, I also wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of Hope, the Happy Antelope. She's another project of mine that you'll be hearing more about. All kinds of fun stuff going on, right? Stay tuned, friends!

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