Friday, February 26, 2016

Words Are All I Have

You'll rarely find recipes around these parts. I'm not that great of a cook and I don't have the patience or the good lighting to document my meals. 

You won't find many travel pieces here. My travels are limited due to funds, my husband's job, and my extreme travel anxiety. Though my inner wanderlust is strong. Go figure. 

You won't find any style/beauty posts here. I buy whatever is on sale and is comfortable. I'll never be a fashionista. I can't even remember the last time I put on makeup. I wear the same pair of shoes pretty much every day. 

You won't find any business/blogging tips here. Business isn't my thing. And I'm certainly no blogging expert. Snapchat confuses me. Tumblr confuses me. Periscope confuses me. I feel like yelling, "Get outta here, you young whippersnappers!"

You won't find DIY posts here either. I'm really not crafty. I love looking at Pinterest, but I'm just not that great at execution. 

So, you're probably thinking, "Well, shit, Mia - what WILL I find here?" All I have to offer you are my words. My hopes, my dreams, my struggles, my nerdiness. I might tell you about an awesome book that I read. I might tell you how I've been in a considerable funk for some time now. I might talk to you about being a mom. I might share a poem or a short story. I might be sarcastic or goofy or sad. 

My pot at the end of the rainbow doesn't have anything shiny in it - just words. But it's worth more to me than I can describe. Words are all I have to give you. And I'm grateful to those of you who take the time to read them. 

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