Saturday, February 20, 2016


I'm currently... 

\\Watching//  Luna, my cat, chasing a stinkbug around the house. It's quite amusing and demonstrates how ridiculously clumsy and un-stealthy she is. At least she's cute. 

\\Listening to//  My children snoring. We are having a "slumber party" in the living room. Because sleeping in our own comfy beds is somehow inferior. #momlife

\\Reading//  "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion. You've probably already seen the movie about the zombie boy who falls in love with a human girl... the book is pretty much the same as the movie so far. I'm enjoying it, but ready to finish it and read something else. (*Don't forget to link up on Monday, Feb. 29th for the ABC Reads Challenge. We want to know what you've been reading and which letters you've completed!) 

\\Eating//  Oreos. Doublestuf. Don't you judge me. 

\\Loving//  All things bullet journal. I'm obsessed. Pinterest boards, blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook groups. I'm talking Level 10 obsessed. But there are worse things, right?

\\Missing//  My hubby. Really looking forward to his next day off. 

\\Looking forward to//  The Walking Dead! The season premiere was a doozie, so I'm sure episode 2 will be just as awesome. Daryl is a such a badass. 

\\Thinking about//  the fact that I'll be bald in about 2 weeks. BALD

\\Hoping// for good news!

\\Searching for//  women who want to share their stories for Holl & Lane Magazine. Life stories, interiors, recipes, family. Hit me up, I want to talk to YOU!

What's currently going on with you? 

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