Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: The Write Stuff

Welcome to Write or Die Wednesdays: A Writer's Link-Up! We are Vashelle and Mia inviting you to partake in some creative writing with us every other week.


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Thanks to everyone who linked up for the previous installment of #WODW! The posts you shared about laughter as it pertains to getting out of funks, finding a mate, losing a mate, or sparking creativity were fun to read. Check them out here if you missed it!

This episode's prompt asks us to share our writing process. What gets you writing? What are your rituals? Challenges? Tell us all about it!
Happy writing!



My writing process is to procrastinate as long as possible. Seriously. I have to look at my phone and scroll through every single social media app I have. I have to watch my shows. I have to eat. I have to stare at my blank screen or the blank pages of my journal. I just have to get all of those things out of my system so that my head is clear and is receptive to writing.

I feel like I write much better under pressure. When I try to plan actual writing time, the words just don't flow the way I want them to. When I clear my mind of all the noise and the clutter, I finally feel ready to express myself. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I just sit in silence. Sometimes creativity will strike at the weirdest times and then I'm thankful for my obsession with pens and notebooks because there's one in arm's reach no matter where I am in the house.

I tend to be very succinct when I write. Which in my opinion is good, but sometimes I feel like it's not enough. Sometimes I'll read back my work and think, "OK. You made a strong point. But now what?" And it's the "now what?" that gets to me. Because I don't like to ramble, just to make whatever I'm writing longer. I always feel like less is more.  But then I second guess myself.

I try to just write whatever I'm feeling and not edit too much. If my husband is home, I'll have him read it and tell me what he thinks. I may make a few word changes here and there. But I try to keep the integrity of what I wrote intact by not messing with it too much.

What's your writing process? I'm so interested to see what rituals and processes you have. Share with us! Don't forget, you have 2 whole weeks to link up with us, so you have plenty of time. :)


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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Elevator Therapy

What if you were stuck in an elevator?

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? I have, but it was just for a few minutes, so I didn't have enough time to panic. There were 2 other people in the elevator with me, and after a few nervous chuckles a piece, all was well again. 

But what if the elevator remained stuck for an hour? Or 12? My anxiety would have skyrocketed and I would have assumed the fetal position on the floor. But another part of me starts to ponder what happens to people when they are stuck in close quarters for long periods of time. It could be kind of therapeutic, in a way. There's absolutely nowhere to hide. No room you can escape to, no curtain to help draw your boundaries, nothing. Just you in a metal box. 

I'm sure the first few hours would be spent trying to call for help, or trying to escape somehow. And once all options have been exhausted, there would likely be an uneasy silence as we all came to terms with the reality of our situation.

But after a while, I think we would begin to open up. What else are you going to do to pass the time? So we start talking to each other and asking questions. Maybe there's laughter, or tears. Maybe the confessions begin because our burdens become too heavy to bear.

I think about the unresolved nature of life and the people I'd like to be (temporarily) trapped in an elevator with in the name of getting closure. People that I've hurt, or who have hurt me. People that I've lost touch with and want to reconnect and let them know they are still important to me. But life happens, and all that jazz. It could be a cheap form of therapy. Albeit highly stressful, haha. 

Or maybe you just need to vent to someone who doesn't know you or a thing about your life, and so you choose to be stuck with strangers. This could totally be a thing, guys. I'm inventing the elevator therapy room. Boom. :)

If you could be stuck in an elevator with someone, who would you choose? Why? I'd love to hear more! 

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Writing prompt: What's your writing process?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: The Many Faces of Laughter

Welcome to Write or Die Wednesdays: A Writer's Link-Up! We are Vashelle and Mia inviting you to partake in some creative writing with us every other week.


If you are new to this link-up and wondering what Write or Die is all about, check it out here!

The last round of Write or Die focused on loneliness. It was a word prompt that really hit home for us. The posts ranged from the fictional, the hypothetical, the reflective. Posts about friendship, sleeplessness, tips to feel less lonely, and MORE. Click here to check out those posts if you missed them.

For this next installment of Write or Die, we have a quote for you in the photo below. Do agree with it? Do you have some funny memories or stories to share with us? What makes you laugh? We want to hear all about it! Happy writing, beauties! Don't forget that the link up is live for 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to join us.


I don't know why, but every time I hear the word "laugh", my mind immediately goes to the movie Carrie, based on Stephen King's book, and a chorus of "They're all gonna laugh at you!" echoes in my head over and over.

I mean, macabre, much?

I can't help it. I like dark humor. I find weird things funny. I love sarcasm and wit. I love puns, and double entendres, and corny jokes.

So, I decided that instead of writing something super profound about laughter, I will just share some funny memes with you. These always make me laugh! Enjoy.

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane." ~Robert Frost

What are some things that make YOU laugh? Come share with us!


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Monday, November 2, 2015

Lessons Learned: October 2015

I said in my last Lessons Learned post that my word for October would be "peace". And for the most part, it was pretty peaceful. 

Some highlights from last month:

* It was my 8th wedding anniversary. 

* An article that I wrote was published in Issue 3 of Holl & Lane Magazine. SQUEEEEE!

* I got to meet my beautiful friend, Shelly. She was as funny, sweet, genuine, and kind in person as she is online. 

* I'm not big on travelling - partly because it's hard for me to juggle around my kids' schedules and partly because I get the worst anxiety ever about going someplace I've never been before and being thrown off my routine. But at least I didn't have to fly. And I ended up really enjoying this work trip. I love looking at the ocean! Check out the view on the way home:

* We got a new addition to our little family. Meet Luna, aka Luna the Tuna. :)

* Halloween with my little superheroes

Hawkeye and Batman
All in all, it was a pretty good month. And I learned that it's OK to slow things down. It's OK to not do it all. It's OK to let a few things go and worry about them later. And it's also OK to take care of me. Sometimes, saying no to things is the best option, or else I"ll run myself ragged. 

October has been a nice little breather. I'm looking forward to all that November will bring! I'm already listening to the Christmas station on Pandora. Not sorry. :) 

What were some of your highlights from October? I want to hear all about it. 

{In case you missed them, here are the lessons learned from August and September.}

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Read All About It: Inside Out by Anastasia Amour

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

You guys, I'm such a huge fan of Anastasia! I worked with her not too long ago for blog stuff and she was so kind, warm, and welcoming. Her inspirational blog just draws you in - positivity, girl power, and general badassery. So, when she asked if I'd like to review her soon-to-be-released book, Inside Out, I said, SIGN ME UP!!

Inside Out is a book that will transform the way you think, talk, and feel about yourself, in the best way possible. The book aims to stop all of the negative self-talk that is so harmful to your confidence. In today's society, we are bombarded by messages that are harmful to our self-image. The book offers a 14-day program that will help you to achieve that fearless body confidence that we all yearn for. Being comfortable in our own skins and not trying to live up to some arbitrary "ideal" woman. 

I've really struggled with my own self-image and body confidence, especially as my body has changed after having 2 kids. Reading through some of the exercises in Inside Out really made me stop and think about what those thoughts are doing to me and how I can embrace who I am without any shame or guilt. One of my favorite chapters was about eliminating toxic influences. 

I really can't wait for you guys to read Inside Out! The book will be available in e-book format or paperback beginning on November 14th at Anastasia's website. She was generous enough to provide all of you lovely readers with a coupon code for 15% off! Use the code below when you make your purchase. 

Here's some more info about Anastasia:

Anastasia Amour has taught thousands of women across the world how to stamp out self-inflicted negativity and embrace imperfection throughout their lives. Dubbed by readers as “a force to be reckoned with”, “truly transformative”, “a positivity powerhouse” and “the only positive body image guru you’ll ever need”, Anastasia’s debut title, Inside Out is the handbook for every woman who craves Fearless Body Confidence, taking readers through an empowering 14-day journey that will see them undergo a radical change from within. You can connect with Anastasia at AnastasiaAmour.com, on social media or contact her direct via email on hello@anastasiaamour.com.

 Ciao, lovelies!