Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: The Many Faces of Laughter

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If you are new to this link-up and wondering what Write or Die is all about, check it out here!

The last round of Write or Die focused on loneliness. It was a word prompt that really hit home for us. The posts ranged from the fictional, the hypothetical, the reflective. Posts about friendship, sleeplessness, tips to feel less lonely, and MORE. Click here to check out those posts if you missed them.

For this next installment of Write or Die, we have a quote for you in the photo below. Do agree with it? Do you have some funny memories or stories to share with us? What makes you laugh? We want to hear all about it! Happy writing, beauties! Don't forget that the link up is live for 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to join us.


I don't know why, but every time I hear the word "laugh", my mind immediately goes to the movie Carrie, based on Stephen King's book, and a chorus of "They're all gonna laugh at you!" echoes in my head over and over.

I mean, macabre, much?

I can't help it. I like dark humor. I find weird things funny. I love sarcasm and wit. I love puns, and double entendres, and corny jokes.

So, I decided that instead of writing something super profound about laughter, I will just share some funny memes with you. These always make me laugh! Enjoy.

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane." ~Robert Frost

What are some things that make YOU laugh? Come share with us!


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