Monday, October 5, 2015

Lessons Learned: September 2015

I'm not good with transition. As a girl who prides herself on being many shades of gray (haha! I crack myself up), you would think that I'd be content with the in-between. In actuality, I think Here, or There is fine, but Anywhere has been my nemesis. And I found myself getting restless during the month of September. It's a time when Summer is winding down, Fall is just beginning. The back-to-school rush is dying down and now we're getting used to a new routine. The leaves and weather haven't quite turned yet. We're just on the cusp of the Holiday season.

It makes me feel like I'm at a crossroads, or more accurately a roadblock, with so many things in my life. During my recap of last month, I mentioned that my word for the month of September was "focus." Well, I failed miserably at it, at least, in the way that I meant it at the time. I have been focused, but on all the wrong things. Negativity. Disappointment. Dissatisfaction. Exhaustion. Impatience. Any of those would have been a more accurate word for September. But I'll settle for Transition.  

I don't want you to think it was ALL bad, though. We celebrated my son's 7th birthday and he was so incredibly happy. Seeing the joy on his face made me tear up something fierce. He's such a little character. I adore him. I adore his brother. I love being a mom. I can't imagine my life without those 2 little people. And my hubby, of course, but that's a given. :-)

I also participated in my 2nd 5K with my hubby and our friends. It was fun. Well, being out of shape wasn't fun, but that's my own fault. But hanging out with my fave peoples and laughing – that part was a blast.

There were so many things I wanted to do, but they got caught up in the confusion, I suppose. And as much as I want to say that I'll get them all done this month, I really feel like my word for October should be "peace." I need to just be for a while. 

What did you learn in September? Have any highlights or goals you want to share? 

P.S. It's almost Write or Die time! Take a gander at the photo prompt below. Share how it inspires you by linking up with me and Shelly beginning on Weds, 10/7. Boom. Write on! 

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