Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: One-Way Ticket to Nowhere

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For our current prompt, let's do a little creative writing, shall we? Check out the photo below and tell us: Where is she going? Happy writing! 

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Creative writing: Where is she going? #WODW


"Where to, ma'am?" The cab driver barely glanced up, the picture of utter boredom and disinterest.

"The airport, please."

The cab pulled slowly away from the curb. An old Phil Collins tune was playing softly on the radio. Denise laid her head against the window, looking out at the bright sunshine. The Sunday morning traffic was light, and they quickly arrived at the airport.

The driver asked her which airline she was flying. Denise replied, "Just let me out here, it's fine." She tipped him and made her way to the line at the nearest ticket counter. Instead of getting in line, she sat in a nearby seat. She quietly watched the comings and goings of airport personnel and passengers. Though it was a Sunday, there was still enough action to hold her attention.

She looked at a nearby departures board. Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta. I could go anywhere, she thought.

An elderly woman sat down a few seats away. She noticed Denise watching her: "I'm early. I like to arrive extra early. Lowers my stress." Gesturing toward Denise's luggage, the woman asked, "Are you early, too?" Denise paused. "Yes," she replied, "I'm early. Too early."

Denise excused herself and walked toward the food court. She had skipped out on the hotel's free continental breakfast, and as a result, she was ravenous. Armed with a latte and a bagel, she sat down at a table. She ate quietly, noticing the people around her were in varying stages of tears. Sad tears, happy tears, anxious tears. Why does travel bring forth such emotion?

She finished up her breakfast and gathered her belongings. She took one more glance toward the departures board and then headed for the exit. Not today, she thought. One day soon. But not today. Outside, she hailed a cab.

"Hello, Miss. Where ya headed?"

Denise took a deep breath.


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