Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: You Have Entered the Silent Zone

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I need some peace and quiet in my life. Lately, I've felt like there's been too much noise. My mind feels cluttered. Sometimes, when it gets to be too much, I go lay down in a dark, quiet room.

And sometimes I just want to be left alone with my thoughts.

My wish is to be enveloped in a cloud of pure, perfect silence. Preferably with soft pillows and fluffy blankets. And a metric butt-ton of books.  Oh, and coffee, of course.

Why is there so much noise these days? Phones chirping and ringing, making demands of us.

Shut your pie hole, NOISE. Let me think. Leave me be. Not all silences need to be filled. Shhhhh.


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