Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If Life Hands You Oranges

I think we're all pretty well-versed in what we should do if life hands us lemons, right? What do you do, though, if life hands you oranges instead? 

See, oranges are tricky. There's the shiny, bright, happy outer layer. That's what the world sees first, right? It always makes us happy when we see it - makes us think of sunshine and summertime. Little globes of color and glee. 

But once you get past that peel, there's the bitter pith underneath. Nobody likes looking at that. They try to peel it off as quickly as possible. It's kind of a letdown after all that beautiful orange skin. Now there's just the flaky, dry, dandruff-y part. Little stubborn strings that stick to your fingers and won't come off. 

If you're patient, though, and stick with it, the bitter layer finally falls away and you're left with this juicy, meaty core. It's sweet. It's fragrant. It's a little orange puzzle, but the pieces all come together perfectly. There are little seeds of hope inside. You just can't always see them at first glance. 

If you give it just a bit more effort - I mean, you've come this far after all - you'll end up with the most delicious nectar of joy. Who doesn't want a glass full of that? 

I feel like an orange most days. Happy shell, bitterness below the surface, true substantial complex sweet self with seeds of hope inside. 

Who needs lemons when you can have oranges? 

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