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Write or Die Wednesdays: Love is a Haunting Melody

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The prompt for the next two weeks is the photo below. Happy writing!

Write or Die Wednesdays Piano photo


Love is a Haunting Melody quote piano rose

The sunshine streamed through the window and warmed the already hot attic. He barely glanced outside because his attention was focused on the piano. He didn't touch it, he just sat there, staring intently, sweating right through his t-shirt.

It was the first time in a year that he had looked at the piano. It used to be in the living room, right off the main entrance to the house. It grabbed your attention as soon as you walked in the door. A beautiful, shiny, white grand piano. Well, it used to be, anyway. Now the neglect was the only thing you noticed. He doubted it even still played properly.

His chest felt tight. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the melodies she used to play. But that only brought tears to his eyes. He wiped them away angrily. He was tired of tears. Of sadness. Of missing her. Her smile, her eyes, her soft, sweet voice.

He wanted to smash the piano into a million little pieces. Just destroy it and break its hold on him. But he sighed and dismissed the thought immediately. He couldn't destroy his last link to her. He didn't know how to play anything other than Chopsticks, but he knew that the piano was now a part of him, just like it used to be a part of her.

He reached out and plunked a key with one finger. The sound of the note reverberated through the attic, startling him. He decided to end his trip down memory lane and get out of the sweltering attic. He started towards the ladder, but stopped in his tracks when the piano began to play a soft, haunting melody.

The hair on the back of his neck stood up. His heart started pounding. He wasn't sure what was happening. Was he having a heat stroke? Hallucinating? Maybe he was dreaming. He was afraid to move, so he stood frozen in place.

Then, the singing began. It was her. It was her voice. He was confused, mesmerized, delighted. He called out to her, anguished, yet illogically hopeful. Immediately, the singing stopped. The melody stopped, too. The piano was quiet, still covered in dust, as if no one had touched it. His heart dropped. He berated himself for calling out, for interrupting the song. The pain of losing her was so fresh, as if it had happened yesterday, instead of a year ago. He recalled many evenings before, watching her play, basking in the sweet sound of her singing.  

The sadness became overpowering. His shoulder shook with quiet sobs. He couldn't bear to look at the piano, but he also couldn't bear not to. He wanted her back. He'd do anything to have her back.

She should never have tried to leave him. All he did was love her. All he wanted was to spend forever with her. What went wrong? Why did she push away his love? He clenched his fists. He heard her laughter, a wicked sound. Visions of a blood-soaked piano filled his mind. Splatters and streaks all over. Scarlet pools glistening in stark contrast to the shining white of the piano. He shut his eyes tight, trying desperately not to remember.

Suddenly, the piano began to play a thundering melody. The sound clanged in his ears, so loud he bent over in pain. The singing began again, only this time, the lyrics sounded like screams. Frightened, he ran over to the ladder, desperate to get away, desperate to forget. He climbed down as quickly as he could and ran to the front door. He stopped and took a shuddering breath before opening the door and running out into the warm, glowing sunshine.

“Love is a haunting melody that I have never mastered, and I fear I never will.” 
-William S. Burroughs

*This is an original story written by me. Please do not copy or distribute without my permission. Thank you.*


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  1. Wow! Your story had me completely transfixed, Mia. I love how you left it open to interpretation too!
    Thanks for the linkup. So happy to be able to add my two cents! :)

  2. Wow I absolutely love this! So amazing!

  3. Very cool. I'm not very good at creative writing, but I loved reading yours. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Becca @ How I RollJuly 1, 2015 at 10:28 AM

    Mia you once again amaze me...this was so scary! But I loved it, couldn't stop reading it! So many emotions!!!!

  5. He killed her? And let her bleed all over her beloved piano? Terrible! Well, then, seems like he deserves to be haunted by her screams. I hope he gets a sunburn from running out in that sunshine too. 😀

  6. Great story! I love the intensity and the mystery. Very well done :)

  7. How haunting and heartbreaking! Love the story! I could feel his pain through your words.. don't you hate when you miss someone so much that your mind fools you into believing they are still there. *sigh*

    Another great link up & writing prompt! Hopefully I can write my next one before this baby is born - otherwise I'll keep following along! Good job Mia!!

  8. I loved this! I was so hooked from the start. I loved how you made us empathize in the first instance then shook us down with that twist!! Fabulous read!!!

  9. Thanks so much, Corinne! So glad you joined us! :)

  10. Thanks, Jen! :) Short stories are my fave.

  11. Haha, thank you, sugar! You know me, I always love the darker stuff. ;)

  12. Right?! He deserves that and more! Sometimes it fascinates me how people can compartmentalize certain things. Like he's sitting there thinking all these sweet memories, but he knows he killed her!

  13. Thank you, Amy! The mind is such a powerful thing, isn't it? Some things you can't shake, some things you can't remember no matter how hard you try. :) Thanks so much for joining us! You take care of yourself, mama. xo

  14. I love the idea of #WODW though I haven't done much blogging this past month. Stopped by from www.everydaygyaan.com and noticed your photo on the sidebar is you and your SO wearing leis, so I presume you were in Hawaii, which is where I live.

  15. Great twist at the end. I almost liked him until the last two paragraphs! Reminds me a lot of Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

  16. Yes, my husband and I got married in Waikiki, the picture is from our wedding. :) So glad you stopped by. We'd love to have you join us for #WODW sometime. :)

  17. Thank you, Nortina! Right? I almost felt bad for him, too. But he was crazzzzyyyyy. Hehe. :) Thanks for reading!

  18. I loved this, Mia! I agree with Nortina! Very Poe-ish <3

    I can never tell you enough...your writing is so good, so clear, so succinct {yet descriptive}. And your story lines are always clever. LOVE!

  19. Aw, why thank you, my dear. :)


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