Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Write or Die Wednesday: Topsy Turvy

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The prompt for the next two weeks is the photo below:


Happy writing!!


Full disclosure: I struggled with this post, probably way more than I should have. I think it goes without saying that the biggest highlights of my life were getting married and having my 2 boys. But who am I outside of being a wife and mother? What accomplishments or memories do I have that belong solely to ME?

That's a really tough question for me. And that just leads to all kinds of internal conflict that I don't want to think about at this moment - dreams yet unfulfilled, restlessness with my current state in life, etc. But honestly, maybe I'm just taking it way too seriously, as if life is going to hand me a gold star and say, "Hey girl hey. This is a TOP OF THE WORLD moment for you. You're welcome." If only.

Or maybe my own top of the world moment has yet to come. Or maybe it won't be one big shining moment, but a series of smaller moments that lift you up. Or maybe my Eeyore costume is just on too tight and is deflecting the sunshine and rainbows from my memory at the moment.

I don't know what the answer is, or what the future holds. But I'll keep on climbing, with the hope that I'll get to the top one day.


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  1. As long as you keep on climbing and don't give up, then you're doing it, right!!! xo

  2. Becca @ How I RollJune 3, 2015 at 12:43 PM

    You have so much ahead of you, don't focus on the rut! You inspire me by being so involved in so many things but able to give your all to all of them. Good things are going to come your way. Stay positive! xoxo

  3. Amy Michele PhillipsJune 3, 2015 at 8:48 PM

    This was a hard one for me too! I had such a hard time picking just one event to explain my on top of the world moment so I ended up just going with a concert. I agree with your post!! <3. Looking forward to the next prompt.

  4. My comment on V's post is for you too. xxx

  5. I love that quote--You can't be on top of the world without remembering what it's like at the bottom. I wholeheartedly agree!

    And I'm sure your "top of the world" moment will come, probably when you least expect it!

  6. I totally know how you feel. When I saw this prompt, I had many of the same feelings. In due time, things will come together for us though! We just gotta hang in there!!

  7. Are we meant to be or what? :)

    Here's to taking a rest and enjoying the view. I *know* it's in the cards for us.

    Love you <3

  8. We're blamigas for life, totally meant to be. :) Cannot wait to hug you.

  9. Thanks, Andrea! :) Hope you are doing well. xo

  10. Beautiful words, thank you so much. :)

  11. Thanks, Amy! I love that you chose a concert. Music means so much to me, too. :) xo

  12. Aw, love you, sugar. Thank you!

  13. Your best days are still ahead of you. I struggle sometimes with the idea that there should be more too. There's a line in Gone Girl when Amy says she did the fun activities but didn't find them fun. Like no one explained where the feeling was supposed to come from. Deep thoughts.
    I've been missing out on WODW. Somehow, I must get to thinking about this prompt straightway so I can link up.

  14. Yes, join us, we miss you, Karen! :)


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