Sunday, June 28, 2015

Noticing Rainbows

rainbows sunlight reflection water

It's been raining like crazy here the past few days. I was grumbling about it in the car and my littlest guy, after only hearing the word rain, smushes his face up against the window and says, "Mommy! If it rains, that means there will be a rainbow." His expression was one of pure joy and he craned his neck this way and that, hoping to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. 

It reminded me of life in general. Some of us only focusing on the rain and the storms - others, excited about the possibility of rainbows. I've always been a dark and stormy girl. But it warms my heart to see the hope and wonder in my boys' hearts. It just goes to show that anyone at any age can teach someone something new. My 4 year old feels the love and the hope in his heart as easily as he breathes. And that makes me smile. Makes me proud. Sure, life will throw obstacles in his way as he gets older. But his foundation, his core, his soul is filled with light. 

"Hope is a rainbow of thought." -Harley King

Rainbows happen when sunlight and rain combine in a very specific way. It's not some meteorological lottery game of chance. It's a very deliberate set of circumstances. The sun has to reflect the rain a certain way. There's determination there. I definitely need more determination in my life. It's easy to sit back and think of the gray skies that have plagued our lives. My list is certainly long enough. But so what? It's time to let it go. It's been my security blanket for too long. Life is what you make of it, right? 

"I know there is a rainbow
For me to follow
To get beyond my sorrow
Thunder precedes the sunlight
So I'll be alright"
-Mariah Carey, Rainbow

The rain ends eventually. It does. And when that happens, I'm determined to notice the beauty of it. The sunlight. The song of the birds. The pure blue sky. I'm determined to be the rainbow that doesn't give up. The rainbow that knows it can only exist in the aftermath of the rain. 

"Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?" -Pablo Neruda   

P. S. You can't have rainbows without the sun. I had a great time participating in the Sunshine Box Swap hosted by Always, Abby and Mrs. AOK. I was paired with Diana and she sent me this awesome box. Diana was so sweet - this box was actually a replacement because FedEx lost the first one. Her kindness made my heart smile. Thank you, Diana! 


P.S. Also, don't forget to join us beginning on Wednesday, July 1st for the biweekly Write or Die writer's link up. The prompt is this photo below. We can't wait to see how it inspires you. Happy Writing! 


  1. how sweet. I love the view of the world through kids. For the most part kid give adults such a peaceful view of our world because they don't really see the dark like we have too. What is that saying? "Stay Strong! There is always a rainbow after the storm."
    Oh I love the idea of a pampering swap! I'm out of the loop with all the bloggers & swappers! I love fall swaps! I have gotten some great things & fallen in love with new products because of swaps!!


  2. This was beautiful! Your son is a sweetheart. I wish we could bottle that optimism and drink it down :) We could call it rainbow juice, I'm down with drinking that.
    Thanks for spreading sunshine!!!
    Cheers to chasing rainbows!!

  3. I love this - what a beautiful story! xx

  4. Oooh, rainbow juice, I'm liking that. Can we spike it though, with some joy juice? ;)

  5. Thanks, Amy! So true - kids and their sweetness and innocence. Always warms my heart. I wish we could bottle that! :)


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