Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: The Stars Up Above

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Write or Die Wednesdays

Last week's link-up  was all about the time periods in which you guys would have loved to live. We had fun taking trips back to the past, being content with the present, and even pondering the future. You guys continue to WOW us every time, and we thank you for joining us and sharing your hearts and wise words. Big Write or Die hugs to each of you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Going forward, Write or Die Wednesdays will be a biweekly link up. The benefits for YOU: More time to brainstorm your posts and link up. If you get busy one week, there's still the 2nd week to take advantage of and write your post. The benefits for US: More time to promote and (hopefully) grow the link up, as well as allow us time to focus on our secret project. Aside from the frequency of the link up, nothing else is changing. You still get thought-provoking prompts and the chance to flex your writing muscles. Don't touch that dial! :)

Today's prompt is the photo below.

We can't wait to read your posts. Happy writing!!

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She stepped outside to escape for a moment. The heat and humidity enveloped her immediately. Even the crickets seemed to be affected - chirping lethargically. She walked down to the barn behind the house, looking at the stars which were beginning to emerge in the hours before twilight.

She took a deep breath and removed her shoes and felt the grass beneath her feet. She twirled around, already feeling lighter, freer. She sat down on the ground and leaned against the wall of the barn. She drew her knees up and again looked at the stars.

She was suddenly struck by a profound sense of melancholy and felt a sob rising in her chest. She laid down and cried, her shoulders shaking violently. Her tears made a trail down her cheeks and onto her neck. Her hands gripped the blades of grass and ripped them up in clumps.

When her sobs finally quieted, she wiped her tears and again looked at the stars. The moon shone down. The sweat soaked through her shirt. She got up, put her shoes back on, and slowly began walking back to the house.

She opened the door, paused for a moment to take a deep breath and take one last glance at the stars, and closed the door softly behind her.


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  1. Ah, love this! Maybe now it's bi weekly I'll have a go, I've never taken part in a link up before, I'm not very good at being on a schedule lol

  2. Another great piece of writing, I wonder why was she so sad? Always love your prompts #WODW

  3. Mia!!!! I always love when you go the creative route w/ the prompts. I love the crickets "chirping lethargically." Great setting.

  4. I'm so excited that the linkup will be bi-weekly! I think that might give me time to prepare something for them one day! :) I'm not reading what you wrote for the prompt yet, because this one looks really interesting and I might give it a shot.

  5. I'm with Ashley, the setting is great. I totally imagined suffering crickets chirping all lethargically. Like, come on, crickets, your life is so easy. Haha :)

    Man, I've had those moments that your character had. You nailed it! It was so real. ::applause::

    Love ya!

  6. Love this piece! Everything is so real!! And super excited to find out more about your secret project :)

  7. Yes, Claire, join us! :) We'd love to have you.

  8. I like the bi-weekly idea as well. I think it will really help all of us. :)

    Haha, Shelly & I hope to share with everyone soon. :)

  9. Thanks so much, Ashley! Creative writing is definitely my favorite. :)

  10. Yess, join us, Crystal! We'd so love to have you. xo

  11. Thanks, lovely. :) Hahaha, lazy ass crickets.

  12. Thanks, Andrea! Shelly & I hope to share with everyone soon. :)

  13. Thank you so much for your kind words! The link up has really been such a blessing for me by inspiring me to write more and connecting me with others who have a passion for writing! :)


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