Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: Unsure Adventure

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Write or Die Wednesdays

Hey, everyone! How fun it was reading everyone's posts about the magic of books in last week's link up! I think we all agreed that books are a life-long companion --a source of nostalgia, adventure, catharsis and growth. We even had a few newcomers, which is always a welcome surprise! If you missed it, feel free to check out the posts here :)

This week's prompt is the word ADVENTURE. What has been your greatest adventure? What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done? Have you ever been on an emotional adventure? The writing possibilities are endless!

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Happy writing!!!


Leaves me unsure
I want to go
But I don't know
If I should

To the center
Of my soul
The drama unfolds
I assume my role

In the face of danger
The doubts come first
Oh old friend
You are no stranger

I call your name
I need you now
More than ever
Don't extinguish my flame

I bite my lip
My breath grows rapid
Let's go do it
Together we'll vanquish

No small feat
I'm ready to go now
You by my side
Take my hand
Go along for the ride

*This is an original poem written by me. Please do not distribute without my permission.*

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  1. I have to say that my greatest adventure was taking a chance and marrying my husband after only dating for 2 months. :) Best decision I ever made.

  2. doubts are my old friend to, but we need to take bravery by the hand #WODW

  3. Wow! Excellent poem, Mia.
    "The doubts come firstOh old friend
    You are no stranger"

    I LOVE this!!

  4. Mmmm... love an adventure poem. :)

  5. i love your writing! yay! you are definitely an inspirational blogger to me :)

  6. Love this Mia!!! And yes, I know the feeling of wanting to go on an adventure but not being sure you should go!

  7. Becca @ How I RollMarch 4, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    You gave me chills! I felt like I was on the top of a rollercoaster about to go down! Awesome poem twinnie! Adventure can make your anxiety hit the roof, no? But it's totally worth it.
    And ps I totally voted for you! xoxo

  8. I TOTALLY VOTED FOR YOU! YAY! also this poem is like 100% the way I feel about adventures. I want to take them, then I totally freak out, then it's totally worth it. I love love love it!

  9. Love this poem! I think my idea of adventure changes with every season of life I'm in. I'll have to think about this topic for a bit now! #fireworkpeople

  10. Nice poem! It describes exactly what one goes through when called to an adventure.

  11. Oh yes, adventure always kicks my anxiety into overdrive! But sometimes I just need that push to get me going. :) Thanks so much for voting, Becca Lou Who. Love ya, girlie. xo

  12. Thanks so much for voting, Kasey, you rock! And yessss, at the end it's totally worth it. I just need a little shove to get going sometimes. I'd totally be that person that has to get pushed out of the plane to go skydiving hehe ;)

  13. Thanks, Tori. And that's so true - adventure changes as we grow and experience life. :) Love that. Thanks for reading!

  14. I love this, Mia! The way you walk us through all the emotions you experience before taking the leap :). Though it can be nerve-wracking, that's sort of what makes it all just a little bit more exciting, right? We so have to meet up for an adventure someday. Salem, maybe? :)

    Voted! You know you inspire me all the time!

  15. Such a good poem! & accurate in so many ways. I hope you're surrounded by people who are always willing to take that leap of faith with you!

  16. So creative :) Love the poem!

  17. Nice! I can't write poetry so I love reading the ones other people write! =)

  18. Voted! What a huge honor, Mia!!! Congrats :)
    I loved your poem, it feels like you're writing about this girl I know. She usually finds adventure via books :)

  19. Thank you so much for voting & for your kind words!! ;)

  20. I'm so in for an adventure with you! Salem sounds pretty awesome. :)

    Thank you so much for voting, that means a lot.

  21. In the face of danger, the doubts come first... I LOVE that line.

  22. Beautiful poem! Many congrats on the award!


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