Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Feelings

Happy Friday, lovelies! It snowed here again in VA, so there was much shoveling, sledding, and soggy gloves to be had. I personally don't mind the snow and the winter, but I know most people around here are over it already.

Anyway, here's what I'm feeling today:


There's nothing like being home with my boys and snuggling under warm blankets. We ventured outside for a little bit for some snow play, but came back in and put our pjs on. Snow day bliss. 


So, did I mention this super awesome project that Shelly and I are working on? Maybe once or twice? Well, I'm still super excited about it. Annnddd, that's all you're getting. Hehehe. #sorrynotsorry


I read this awesome post on Jennypurr blog about the 15 Day Challenge to Help You Take Your Content to the Next Level. One of the steps in the challenge is to find a buddy who wants to take the challenge as well. Anybody out there want to be my buddy? We can brainstorm and help each other and just be sounding boards for each other's content ideas. :) There will be Skype/Google Hangout dates involved, so please keep that in mind, if you're interested. Join me! I want to develop some really great content for the blog and I have a million ideas, but need someone to keep me focused, haha. 


I don't think it's any secret that I'm addicted to notebooks. I have so many - all different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. They used to just be piled up on the floor next to my bed because I originally started out with a small stack, so I figured it would be OK. But then my collection grew and grew until the notebooks were just taking over the floor. So I bought a big plastic tote to put them in and my floor looks beautimous. But the tote is already totally full. Eeeekk. That won't stop me from buying more, though... so there's that. 

How are you feeling on this lovely Friday? 

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Looking to the Stars

P.S. If you like to read and like to write - come join the Write or Die Book Club which combines the best of both worlds. It's a quarterly book club focused on books about writing, creativity, inspiration, etc. Come join us and cast your vote for our first book. We'll be starting on April 1st.


  1. Becca @ How I RollMarch 6, 2015 at 8:38 PM

    Yay! Feeeeelingssss!
    I would love to help you but i don't wanna keep someone else from the opportunity. Ya know?
    You should eventually build a shed in your backyard made out of notebooks so you can have some privacy. Gah! People be all up in your koolaid.

  2. I love notebooks. If I'm on a budget (always) and can only buy one cheap thing, I gravitate towards a notebook or notecards.

  3. Snow day sounds quiet lovely. I wish it would snow in Thailand.

  4. I thought I was the only person who hoards notebooks. You put me to shame!

  5. Have you found someone to join you in the challenge? I would certainly be interested! Let me know.

  6. All the feels <3
    I cannot wait to see what you ladies are up to.
    I would've loved to work with you 15 Day Challenge, sounds fun.
    Snow days are fun, I kind of miss them.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Notebook hoarder here too! :) if you haven't found a buddy for the 15 challenges, I would totally be up for that. I was looking at that post too.

  8. Oooh a shed full of notebooks. This has possibilities. ;)

  9. Same here!!! I especially love when notebooks are on clearance at Target. ;)

  10. Haha, now that would be an adventure!!! :)

  11. Lol, and I keep buying more! I'm like the crazy notebook lady. ;)

  12. Thanks, lovely! :) Hope you are having an awesome weekend! xo

  13. Oooh, yay, let's be buddies! :) I'll email you. xo

  14. thanks for linking up babe! i bought 2 notebooks on Friday for no reason at all. they were just pretty :) i'm all about the office supplies!


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