Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: Under Lock and Key

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Write or Die Wednesdays

Last week we wrote about lies and honesty, and everyone's posts were a good mix of similar and varied. It was fun reading about the little white lies most of us tell and reflecting on how thin the line is between white lies and big lies. Thought-provoking as always! Thanks to all who linked up! If you missed it, you can read the posts here.

This Wednesday's prompt is a photo, and it is as follows:


She carried the wooden chest and set it down on her bed. The one she normally kept hidden in the back of her closet and tried to forget about. But today, with the wind howling and the rain pounding outside, she couldn't resist its call. 

She sat down and ran her hands along the top of the box, felt the worn wood underneath her fingers. She took a deep breath and then lifted the cover. As she peered down into the box and saw the familiar items inside, she felt an immense sadness rise up within her. It happened every time, but still, she could not bring herself to stop opening it, much less get rid of the contents or even the box itself. 

The gusting wind outside rattled the windows and reminded her of another night long ago, one that she would never forget as long as she lived. And one that she must always keep a secret from those she loved. 

She took out the items from the box and laid them down gently on the bed. Each item was like a knife to her heart and ripped open the scabs inside that she knew would never heal. But this time, she knew she must say goodbye. For good. She would never be able to erase the memories from her heart and her mind, but she knew it was time to move on and dispose of these reminders that called to her every time a storm raged outside her window. 

She lovingly caressed each item with a sad smile on her face. She kissed each of them and put them back in the box. She added a new item this time, a small silver key. She closed the box and slipped a padlock onto the front and locked it. She jiggled the lock a few times to make sure it wouldn't come off. She lowered her head and rested her cheek on the top of the box for a moment. The key to the padlock was now inside the box. She couldn't open it again, even if she wanted to. 

She carried the box out into the pouring rain. She knew exactly where she was going and had traveled the path in her mind a thousand times. Her clothes were soon soaked and plastered to her body, but she kept going until she reached the lake. She knelt down in the mud at the edge of the lake and set the box down next to her. She shivered from the cold. She felt a split second of panic, but shoved it back down deep inside of her. 

She cried again, her tears mixing with the rain. She howled and sobbed, her whole body shaking. She knew she had to do it, but now that the time had come, she couldn't bear the pain. Finally, she picked up the box, and before she could change her mind, she threw it into the lake. It quickly sank out of sight. 

She sat there for a long time, her heart in her throat. But at the same time, she felt free. Goodbye, she whispered. Goodbye, my love. 

*This is an original story written by me. Please do not copy or distribute without my permission. Thank you.*


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  1. I love it Mia- I felt really sad reading it, it made me feel the weight of my own secret box and how heartwrenching it is to say goodbye, but also how necessary it sometimes is XXX

  2. WHAT WAS IN THE BOX?????????????????? Holy cow...when is your novel available to the public, because I want to ready it!!!!! loved it loved it loved!

  3. Aggghhh!! You are so, so good, Mia! Get that novel written, darnit!

    I'm with Erica. WHAT IS IN THAT BOX?!

    I'm so serious about the novel, though. YOU'RE SO GOOD.

  4. Love this little story!! You are so creative :) Definitely had me sucked in!!

  5. So, I'm listening to Mozart Radio, the song that was on while I read your beautiful writing was 'the' perfect song. My heart was building with emotion. I saw her, I saw the rain on the windowpane, the soft light of a lamp, and her heart stricken face at her decision.
    I cannot wait to read your book!!!
    Eh hem…. WHA'TS IN THE BOX?!?!
    Just write.

  6. So many questions!!!! Was it wrong to imagine it was a body in the trunk? Hahhahaa. No seriously. It was my first thought. Body parts. I know, gross, right? I suppose it was my way of interpreting the darkk scene :)

  7. Hahaha, I wondered if anyone would say body parts! Too funny. I like the way you interpreted the story. She's a serial killer who has trunks full of body parts hidden around her house and at the bottom of the lake, DUN DUN DUN. Haha jk. :) Thanks for reading, Lani!


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