Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: The Final Unsolved Mystery

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Write or Die Wednesdays

We loved reading about everyone's most important goal for 2015! Some people view January 1st as just another day, but many of us truly feel like it's a chance to live better than the year prior and challenge ourselves with new goals. We hope all of you have a fruitful year!

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Happy writing!


There are lots of mysteries out there in the world. The Bermuda Triangle. Bigfoot. Why people are so fascinated with the Kardashians. But the thing that I find to be the most mysterious is death.

I mean, I know it's morbid, but do you ever sit and think about what it means that eventually you will cease to exist? New Presidents will be elected, flying cars will be invented, twerking will be banned - and you won't be there to experience it. That, frankly, is mind-blowing to me. All we've known since the moment we were born is life with us in it. So when I try to sit and think about what it would feel like to not be here anymore, I can't. My mind just goes into shutdown mode and I have to quickly think of something else.

Don't get me wrong - it's not so much that I'm afraid of death. I know it happens to everyone at some point. I guess it's just that I can't grasp something that I've never ever experienced. It's not something I can ask someone about, because once you're dead, that's it. No more phone calls. No texts to say, "oh hey, this death stuff is pretty cool, you should check it out when you get here" or "nope, this blows, 1 star on Yelp". It's not something I can read about because dead people can't write their own stories. The only way to find out about it is to die. Doesn't that seem crazy to you?

What happens when you die? What does it feel like? Are you aware of what is happening? If you're a religious person, you may say that you go to Heaven. Or you see a bright light and angels. If you're not a religious person, you may say that nothing happens. Your body stops functioning and that's it, end of story. Either way, none of us knows who is right.

Anyway, this was a depressing post, sorry guys. But it's definitely something that boggles my mind. To me, it's the ultimate mystery. One that can't be solved by the final pages of a book or in the final scenes of a movie. We just won't know until we know.

What do you find to be mysterious? Don't be shy, we won't bite. Come share. We're dying to hear about it. Eh? Eh? Too much? OK, I'll stop. Ciao!

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  1. Not depressing at all! Mine was sort of like death too, in a way. Have you read 'Lovely Bones?' She died and we kind of get her interpretation. Granted it's fiction and the author/movie makes it look really pretty. You're right about not knowing until we know. That's probably why there are still really heavy discussions about "where do you go when you die." No One Knows! *erica*

  2. "This blows, 1 star on Yelp" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah forever! Love this so much.
    and your post is not depressing! It's totally legit, I mean death IS the great mystery. And if you read my response to Shelly's post, I will answer this the same, I don't think we are supposed to know (until we get there.) We were given a finite span of time to live this life, but most of us tend to forget that we are meant to make it count. Death may be inevitable but life is certainly a gift.

  3. Death- it's mind boggling quite frankly! Like Shelly's post on creation, it's something we'll never know about for sure. I like to think we all go to heaven, or our own version of heaven and see everyone we've loved in our lives. That thought comforts me X

  4. It's not depressing at all! I often sit and think about what it will be like when I am no longer living. Will we know any different will it be weird? So many interesting things to think about.

  5. Have I told you lately how much I love you? Hahaha seriously! I have so much to say about everything you said.

    First, it IS such a mystery why so many people are fascinated by the Kardashians. I'll never understand it. Have you ever heard of vocal fry? If not, google it and you will despise the fascination even more. Haha

    I think a lot about what it means to cease to exist someday. I ESPECIALLY try to think about it when I'm feeling down, cause usually when I'm feeling down it is because I am making a mountain out of a molehill about something or the other. But then I think "While I'm sitting here making my life out to be so important (or else why would the mountains be made into molehills?), I will not be a thought to ANYONE in about 100+ years. Most of us are small fish in a big pond, and unless we make the history books or contribute some great art to humanity, we will eventually be forgotten.

    So I had this weird experience when I was in cosmetology school. One of the local funeral homes would call the school for volunteers to do hair + makeup on the deceased whenever the person had no family to do it or their usual hair/makeup person wasn't working that day.

    I volunteered this one time and had to cut an old, deceased man's hair. I was just looking at him for a moment before I started and I got this very strange feeling. I cant describe was super-fleeting, but it was like in that moment I had an epiphany that I *just knew* was correct. It was like some higher power was telling me "yes, this is the truth." (I realize how strange this is sounding). I looked at him, old and cold and empty, and realized that there is NO WAY that this old man's "soul" --his experiences, memories, feelings and thoughts-- could just cease to exist. It had to go somewhere.

    I'm totally gonna leave a Yelp review when I die now. Thanks for the idea. Haha!


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