Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Write or Die Wednesdays: Coffee with a Side of Queen

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Write or Die Wednesdays

We enjoyed last week's link-up so much and loved reading everyone's spin on Anton Chekhov's quote. If you would like to take a gander at last week's posts, check them out here.

Today's prompt is as follows:

If you could have a 1-hour coffee date with anyone in the world (or on the other side), with whom would it be? Why would you choose this person? What would you talk about?

Happy writing!


This prompt is a hard one for me. How do I narrow it down to one person? 

I thought about my husband whom I mainly communicate with via text because he works so hard. I miss quality time with him. 

I thought about my dad who moved to another state. I really miss him and would love to spend an hour of quality time with him just being goofy. 

I thought about Stephen King, my absolute favorite author. It would be AWESOME to lose myself in an hour of discussing my favorite characters/storylines from King's books. 

I thought about my lovely blog friends whom I would love to meet and chat with and just HUG in person. 

I thought about any number of handsome actors/musicians/athletes because RAWR. ;)  

I thought about my favorite President, whom I won't name because internet trolls are the devil. 

But ultimately, the person I chose was Queen Elizabeth I. 

I've always been intrigued by Henry VIII because he truly just didn't GAF. "Oh, you won't let me get a divorce because it's against my religion? Then I'll make my own church and do what I want." I mean, the balls on that guy. But during my research into Henry VIII, I quickly became fascinated by his daughter with Anne Boleyn - Elizabeth. 

Imagine having Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn as your parents. And then knowing that your father had your mother executed for treason. I mean, that's mind-blowing and dysfunctional in its own right. Then imagine having to execute your cousin because she's trying to take away your throne. Imagine taking power of a country that was essentially financially ruined at the time, and also devastated by religious persecution brought on by your own half-sister. Imagine pledging yourself to your country and never marrying or having children. Imagine being able to say that under your reign, your country defeated the Spanish Armada, one of the greatest superpowers at the time. Imagine being able to speak 6 different languages fluently. Imagine attending plays put on by Shakespeare himself. 

I think it would be so interesting to just sit and hear what she has to say. Was she really in love with Robert Dudley? What did she think of her father? How would she feel to know that Parliament now governs England and that the Royal family is not the supreme ruler of the land? I wonder what her opinion would be to the fact that we have never had a woman President in the United States, but she was a woman of such immense power 500 years ago?

I clearly have so many questions to ask her, one hour might not be enough! But she better not touch my frappuccino - queen or not. ;)

So, now it's your turn. Who would you pick for your coffee date? 


  1. Mia you're awesome! That is such a great post and a wonderful choice of coffee date. If I were to pick a historical figure I'd go with Cleopatra. That woman...just...WOW. I'm sure she would have amazing things to say.

  2. SHUT UP!! I have an intense fascination with King Henry the VIII, the Boleyn sisters, Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine of Aragon, and Elizabeth's half-sister, Mary I of England.

    Anne was a homewrecker. Haha. I read a book (killing time when I worked in a library) about Catherine of Aragon and Mary I, and it was so heartbreaking!

    That's it. I'm moving in with you.

  3. I know I am going to read what everyone has to say with this prompt. Like you, there were so many people I thought about having coffee with. I agree that an hour doesn't seem like it would be enough.

  4. Seriously! What a turbulent time in history! She probably would need some liquor in her coffee LOL
    Very interesting choice!

  5. The first person that came to mind was the head writer of Walking Dead so I can plead with him to bring back the person he killed in Sunday's episode. Clearly I have a TV addiction.

  6. LOVE this post!! What a great topic, who would you have coffee or maybe a beer w/ ;-) ...could think of lots of people, but most would probably get a bit weepy so I will nix that for now! Also, really love the whole creative writing aspect of the Write or Die Wednesday... can't wait to read more!

  7. After reading your post I want to learn more about her. I love this question!

  8. Such an interesting choice and such a hard question to answer! I think I'd choose Jim Henson - I love the Muppets and I would love to just talk to him for awhile!

  9. What a cool choose! I think it would be neat to sit down with her too. I read several book based off of her and they were wonderful. I loved getting to know a little history behind her. This would be a very hard question for me.

    As I said on VashellaI blog, I really need to link up with you guys. I always forget til the day after. I guess I could always post on Monday so I have time to think about the question and still be able to join in. haha.


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