Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Read All About It: Libraries are my Utopia

I love the library. I could spend hours there. Just browsing the shelves, sitting in the comfy chairs and reading, finding books for the boys. It's just a great, quiet place to be. We take the boys to the library every week for story time and they love it and look forward to it. They get to pick out a handful of books each and we read to them every night. I just love it. 

And ya know, I may or may not check out a million books each week. I currently have 22 books checked out. And we only get 2 weeks to read them. So... the renew option on my account gets a serious work out. :) 

Check out some of my library haul. I won't post the descriptions for all of these, or else we'll be here all day. But click on the links and it will take you to the Goodreads synopsis of each book. :) [And I apologize in advance for my crappy cell phone quality photos.] 

The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Inside the Box by Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

The Group by Mary McCarthy

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud

The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

The Gift by Lewis Hyde

Breakthrough Creativity by Lynne Levesque

The Breakout Principle by Herbert Benson and William Proctor 

Marry Your Muse by Jan Phillips 

The Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer

The Zen of Creativity by John Daido Loort

Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Cracking Creativity by Michael Michalko

Make Your Brain Smarter by Sandra Bond Chapman

Phew! That's a lot of books, right? As you can see, I'm on a pretty heavy nonfiction/creativity kick right now. If you're on Goodreads, feel free to add me here

So, now it's YOUR turn. What are you reading? I'm always up for new book suggestions! 

P.S. Don't forget about Write or Die Wednesdays! Our prompt for tomorrow is below. Hope you join us! Click here to find out what Write or Die is all about. 


  1. Libraries are lovely places that's for sure. Currently I'm reading "La Vérité sur l'Affaire Harry Quebert", a good one!
    Katharina // ktinka.com

  2. I practically live at the library too so I totally get you on that. Have you heard of the blogger Operation Read Your Shelves link-up? I've joined it a few times and it's hosted by Magnolia Street blog. You should join us on it one month!

  3. Libraries open up important doors for us. I was a library-rat as a kid. I spent days reading books about gender and sexuality, trying to figure out what I was. The information wasn't always accurate but it helped. Public libraries are one of the best features of a democracy. Free and open to all.

    1. I blog at http://shybiker.blogspot.com Come visit!


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