Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lifting the Fog

As I was driving the kids to daycare yesterday morning, there was this incredibly dense fog outside. It was so thick I was afraid to pull out of our neighborhood because I couldn't see a foot in front of me. But driving safety aside, there is something just so beautiful about fog. 

Dom, my oldest, said to me, "Mommy! I can't see anything, can you?" And I replied, "No, honey, I can't, it's so foggy!" And he said, "But it's so pretty!" And it was. I love the way fog transforms your surroundings. Roads and landmarks that you drive by every day take on this whole new presence. It really changes your perspective. The fog forces you to slow down, drive a little more slowly, be a little more present in the moment. 

Sometimes, I think of fog as a metaphor for life. The fog appears. You struggle for a bit. You are unsure of where you are going or what's going to happen. But you keep your head down and you push through. Eventually, the fog will dissipate and your perseverance will be rewarded. 

Am I the only weirdo who thinks of this stuff while I'm driving with two yelling children in the backseat? 

“Don’t let the agony, regret, or fog of yesterday blind you to the fact that each new day carries with it a plethora of opportunities to move your life into the right direction.” -Steve Maraboli

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  1. I never thought about fog that way before. Now I will =)

  2. I've never thought about fog that way before, either. But it sure is beautiful!

  3. I have no idea what this "fog" thing is. I barely know what "water" or "weather" is either, ha! Hashtag desert life.
    It`s super pretty though, and that`s pretty awesome where your mind can go even with screaming kids!

  4. I think of fog that way, too. It feels very symbolic of the ebbs and flow of life!

  5. I also think fog is so beautiful! Love the way you describe it!

  6. I love fog! I have a story idea that involves fog that I'd like to write one day soon. :) Great post!


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