Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Read All About It: The Promise of Stardust

Book Review The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley

Oh, this book. It was so good on so many levels. I cried buckets. I'm feeling a little verklempt just thinking about it. Go read the synopsis. Let me cry my "I love this book" tears for a few more seconds. 

Synopsis from Goodreads:

"Matt Beaulieu was two years old the first time he held Elle McClure in his arms, seventeen when he first kissed her under a sky filled with shooting stars, and thirty-three when he convinced her to marry him. Now in their late 30s, the deeply devoted couple has everything-except the baby they've always wanted.
When an accident leaves Elle brain dead, Matt is devastated. Though he cannot bear the thought of life without her, he knows Elle was afraid of only one thing-a slow death. And so, Matt resolves to take her off life support.
But Matt changes his mind when they discover Elle's pregnant. While there are no certainties, the baby might survive if Elle remains on life support. Matt's mother, Linney, disagrees with his decision. She loves Elle, too, and insists that Elle would never want to be kept alive on machines. Linney is prepared to fight her son in court-armed with Elle's living will. 
Divided by the love they share, Matt and Linney will be pitted against each other, fighting for what they believe is right, and what they think Elle would have wanted resulting in a controversial legal battle that will ultimately go beyond one family . . . and one single life."

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): 5 out of 5 stars.
Have a box of tissues nearby. You've been warned.

Why I liked it:
It has a little bit of everything. Childhood friendship. Budding teen romance. Tragedy. Life-or-death choices. Love, morals, regrets.

Matt and Elle could be any married couple. Hoping to live a long life together, not knowing that things will be cut short. In this case, Elle had watched her mother die a slow, painful, miserable death and she vowed that if something like that were to happen to her, she would not want to be on life support - she made it known to all her loved ones and she made it official by putting it in writing in a legal document.

But her husband knows that more than anything else, she wanted to have a child. So when he finds out she's pregnant, he decides to keep her on life support in hopes that the baby can be saved. What would you do in this instance? It's hard to say. I go back and forth - he shouldn't have done that / he absolutely should have done that. It really makes you think. And more than anything else, I resolve to put my wishes in writing as well so that my loved ones won't be faced with making those difficult decisions and agonizing over if they are doing the right thing. It's heartbreaking to think about it.

Favorite Quote:

  • “There is uncertainty in hope, but even with its tenuous nature, it summons our strength and pulls us through fear and grief - and even death.”

Have you read this book? Or what are your thoughts on "right to die" issues? 

P.S. Hope you'll join Vashelle and me for the Write or Die writer's link up this Wednesday, 29 Oct. This week, the prompt is a word: Cozy. And click here to find out what "Write or Die" is all about. Happy writing! 


  1. Wow! This sounds like a fantastic book and I will certainly have to put it on my list to read. I'm a former Hospice worker (and always will be) and I feel that keeping one connected to machines is not a quality of life but also a personal decision everyone needs to make. Thus, everyone needs to have completed Living Wills (you are never too young). However, the pregnancy places a whole other aspect to the story. The advances of medical technology are amazing in what can be done.

  2. Lady, how do you have time for kids, work, blogging AND reading as much as you do?! It takes me forever to finish books nowadays. Haha. I have to remind myself that I have a 5-month old now and can't expect myself to do everything I was doing before at the rate in which I was doing it.

    But still, you're inspiring me to put my face in a book more often. :)


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