Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Happy Girl: I Miss You

Dear Happy Girl,

I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss your zest and enthusiasm for life. I miss your ability to always look on the bright side and never let anything get you down. I miss your energy. I miss your motivation. I miss your hopefulness. I miss your trust that everything will be OK. I miss your patience. I miss your ability to be quietly content no matter the circumstances.

Where did you go? When will you be back? Where can I find you? Will it always be like this? Who am I without you?

Dear Happy Girl, come back to me.  


  1. I totally get this. You will find her again, and it'll be so w=much sweeter and more wonderful when you do!

  2. I feel this so much... she'll come back... and in the meantime I'll be praying for you! xoxo

  3. Been there. So sorry you are feeling this way. Sending prayers and good vibes. Hang in there you are one strong lady ♡

  4. Hugs friend, she will come back I promise!


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