Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Birthday My Little Jedi

Star Wars birthday party; Jedi; Yoda; Darth Vader

Dom is six years old now. SIX! Time is moving much too fast for my liking. He is such a big boy now. And he is obsessed with Star Wars (though he has not seen any of the movies, only the cartoons that are on Netflix... go figure), so I thought it only fitting to throw him a Star Wars 6th birthday party Saturday. 

It all started with Pinterest where I found the idea for this awesome invitation: 

Star Wars birthday party invitation; may the force be with you

And I got them printed from VistaPrint and was super happy with the results. But that's pretty much where the Pin-spiration stopped. I had the best of intentions to make cute little signs/banners and have fun party games and favors, but man, it's been a rough month. Rough with a capital R. My mommy guilt, which is always kind of high, kicked in to overdrive. Amazon became my best friend where I ordered a few Star Wars-related items for the party. 

But Dom really had a great time at his party. He still hasn't stopped talking about it. So maybe that's a good reminder for me that sometimes simpler is better. That it's ME setting these impossibly high expectations - and my son is happy as long as he is spending time with friends and family. 

Look at that smile. Melts my heart. Happy Birthday, my little Jedi. I am so blessed to be your mama. 


  1. Aww Happy Birthday to him!!! :)

  2. How adorable. It looks like he had a great birthday.

  3. Happy birthday to Dom! Pinterest parties are for the birds :) The kids don't care as long as the cake tastes good and they're made to feel special!!

  4. How stinking cute is he! I am sure you did a great job!


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