Friday, September 26, 2014

Changes: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've been feeling a little heavy lately. And so I thought a change was in order. In my highly structured world, I don't have a lot of room to change many things. But there are a few things that I can. Like my hair. 

Here's me before:

My hair is curly and thick and has the mass of a thousand dying stars. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration. But it was totally killin' me, Smalls. So I went to this super chic and trendy boutique hair salon (*cough*Hair Cuttery*cough) and told the stylist: "Just chop it off. I'm so done with it." And of course, like any good stylist, she kept asking me if I was sure, and I kept saying yes.

And after she was done, it was the second shortest length I've ever had my hair. (Let's not talk about the Prince-circa-Purple-Rain hairdo when I was in 3rd grade.) 

Here's me after (I straightened my hair, so it's a bit longer here than when it's au naturel):

And I love it. I feel lighter. I use less shampoo. It dries faster. On rainy days, I may or may not resemble a wet poodle. But I'm OK with that. And here's hoping that the heaviness finally gets a little lighter. 

Have you made any positive changes lately? 


  1. Love your new hair!! I cut mine a couple of months ago - chopped off 6 inches!

  2. You look mah-velous dahling! Simply mah-velous!

  3. It looks great!! Makes me want to chop off my own hair!

  4. Love the new look - both your hair and the blog design!! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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