Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to School: First Day Photos are a MUST

Back to School Photos

Do you remember when you were still a kid and it was the morning of the first day of school? You were dressed in your fresh-from-the-store-super-cute clothes and you were ready to see your friends again. And then here comes mom with her camera and her teary smile and she says, "I need a picture! Smile!" And you thought to yourself, "Ugh. Mom, really?" And you probably pulled one of these: 


And she probably got annoyed with you and said some things that basically meant she wanted you to smile, OR ELSE. And so you did, but you thought to yourself, "Ugh. I am never doing this to my children when I grow up."


Taking first day of school photos of your kids is a MUST. Hubs and I plan on doing it every year until they are 18 years old. For 2 reasons - 1) it makes for really great blackmail when they bring home their first significant other; and 2) you can see how much they've grown, even in just one year. Exhibit A:


Look at my schnookums! Those ears, I die. Dom went back to school this past Tuesday and it didn't really hit me until we were packing his lunch and his backpack. Sniffle. 

Moms, have you recovered from the chaos of the first day of school? If you're not a mom, did you like taking first day of school photos when you were a kid? 



  1. I know! Kylie was totally irritated with me on her first day! Oh my gosh he is such a cutie!!!

  2. My boys are SO OVER the first day of school photos, no matter how much I tell them they'll love looking back at them later. Grrr. :)

  3. yes first day of school photos are a must. I have even taken first day photos with my first two years of college.


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