Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oh the Silly Things We Do

Do you ever stop and think about the some of the things you do every day? Things you have always done that are now second nature and you don't even think about them, but know that if you had to explain yourself to someone else, it perhaps would be a bit silly or weird? Or maybe you do secret things that no one else knows about? Dun dun dun!

OK, so, nothing that dramatic for me, but I indeed do some silly/weird things on a daily or frequent enough basis. 

Like for example, if I'm alone in the car, I talk to myself while I drive. Sometimes I'll just vent about something that's bothering me and just get it all out, since I'm one to hold everything inside. Or sometimes I'll just talk about what I'm feeling, or something that I need to do. But it's not just a sentence here or there, it's like a full blown conversation. It's therapeutic, actually. And in this day and age, with Bluetooth and hands free, it's not that odd to see a lone driver talking in a car. But it does make me feel silly from time to time. Especially when I crack myself up.

I also have to delete text messages at the end of the day (with the exception of hubby's because I puffy heart him). It just overwhelms me and reminds me of a cluttered email inbox. It gives me great pleasure to delete them. Poof, be gone. I may actually even say that as I'm doing it. It's cool, don't judge. 

Yesssssssss. Delete them alllllll. 

I always giggle under my breath when I'm getting my picture taken. I think it's a subconscious reminder to force myself to smile, and not show my bitchy resting face.  

Another thing that I always do, and this isn't silly to me at all, is to immediately double check the car seats right after dropping the boys off at daycare. I walk them inside to their class, kiss and hug them both goodbye, and walk back out to my car. And then immediately turn around and visually inspect the car seats to make sure the boys aren't still sitting there. Even though I know full well that they are safe in their class. Sometimes simply looking at the car seats isn't enough, I have to put my hand on the seat as well to confirm that it's empty. I mean, seriously neurotic, right? But it's my absolute worst fear in the world that I would ever leave them in the car and not realize it. Just my paranoid tendencies, I guess. 

So, now it's your turn! Tell me some silly or weird things that you do every day. I won't judge. Promise. ;) 



  1. I always delete text messages too!

  2. The car thing made me laugh out loud because I do that too, only my kids are usually in the car looking at me like I've lost it. I weirdly hoard text messages I have one's as far back as a two years ago.


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