Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Hey There Friday

It's FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYY! Hallelujah! I feel like this has been a super extra long week for some reason. And clearly I've been in a funk. So... time for 5 things that deserve a high five!!

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

Numero Uno: Hellllooooo lovely. 

Since beginning my clean eating/paleo journey, I have been longing for a cereal that doesn't have 5 tons of sugar in it. Because some mornings, I just don't have time to make bacon and eggs, or sometimes I get tired of drinking my paleo breakfast smoothie 4 days in a row. Enter this beautiful product here. OMG. Just.. go try it. You can buy it here. And no, they are not sponsoring me in any way. I'm just in lurrrvvvve. 

Numero Dos. This is a superpower we should all have, obvi. 

Numero Tres. This bad boy right here. I shall partake in this awesomeness this weekend, you betcha. 

Numero Cuatro. (I have no idea why I'm counting in Spanish. Just go with it.)  Oh these two angels. Love love love. 

And last, but not least, numero cinco. I am a cheesy movie/tv show aficionado. And this show has been nurturing my cheesy tendencies for the past few weeks. Yes, I know, it's no original Beverly Hills 90210 (helllooooooooooooo Dylan!). But it is still pretty awesome. 

So... what things are on your high five list? 



  1. That cereal looks awesome! I'll have to look into getting some! We're doing a cleaner eating here at our house too! Happy Friday!

  2. This week has dragged on! It's crazy. Have a great weekend. :)


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