Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sunburn and Smashed Strawberries

Oh man. I was a volunteer for Dom's field trip yesterday to a local berry farm. Oh man. Did I already say that? OH MAN. Haha. 

There were about 21 little Kindergarten-ers running and screaming in every direction. But I think they all had a great time, which I guess is the important thing. I, on the other hand, although I did remember to wear sunblock, apparently forgot to put any on my head (?!) and got sunburned pretty badly on the patch of scalp in my part. Owwwww. Note to self - wear a hat next time. Note to self - who are you kidding, you hate hats. 

Anyway, this little cutie picked a bunch of strawberries and then proceeded to squish most of them. We had maybe one or two salvageable strawberries from his batch. Good thing Mommy kept her berries safe. Potential meltdown averted. 

Look at this happy, berry-squishing face. 

Final note to self: Daddy is volunteering for the next field trip. For realz. 



  1. That's adorable! And owie on the headburn, you could tell everyone it's not a sunburn, you were just thinking really hard about something!


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