Thursday, December 26, 2013

Buckets of Joy

Well hello there! Hope everybody had a nice holiday. We definitely had a wonderful time celebrating together and with family. 

I feel like being a parent and experiencing Christmas through our kids' eyes is better than any present that you can buy in a store. Dom and Will just get so excited - yes, excited for toys, they are kids after all - but also excited about the possibility of snow, and family time and Santa and just the magic and wonder of the season. 

 Some days I complain that they are so spoiled, but I also know that they and we are so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who love our little guys. 

So anyway, all of this to say that I hope that you all are surrounded with love and family during the holidays. And fill your buckets with joy. <3 


  1. Your kiddos are too cute! I'm happy you guys had a Merry Christmas. Here's to a blessed and even better 2014.

  2. I love their pajamas! Those cookies (and little cheeks) look delish! Merry Christmas!


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