Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I love slang. It's seriously the best invention ever, right after that little green lid stopper thingy for your Starbucks cup. Yeah, that thingy. It's also great to have a hubby who likes to share the latest slang with me. Ya know, because he's not yet in the dirty thirty club and therefore still young and "with it." Haha. 

Anyway, just wanted to share a new word that the hubs taught me.  It's a bit of a combo word. 

JAGBAG - (n) - a combination of the words 'jagoff' and 'douchebag', used as the ultimate insult. ~Source: Urban Dictionary. Used in a sentence: "I was driving down the highway when this jagbag cut me off." 

This concludes your slang lesson for the day.  

What's your favorite slang word/phrase? 



  1. We like "jack waffle"... I'm not sure where the "waffle" comes from but it just works when you're all worked up! Ha.

  2. cute! apparently "tomato" is another word for "hoe" .. urban dictionary that one!


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