Thursday, August 8, 2013

Later Gator


Do you ever find yourself saying "I'll do that later." or "I'll worry about that later." or "We'll talk about that later." ?   I'm starting to think of "later" as a yucky five four-letter word.  Like the quote above, sometimes I think we get too comfortable with the idea of "later" and don't take as much time as we could to live in the now.
Lately, I've been thinking of ways to be more present, and to fully appreciate life as it is today.  And to think about what I could do or say or feel to make the present as fulfilling as it can be and SQUEEZE every drop of joy out of now that I can.
Of course, the first answer that comes to mind is "family." Spending time with Charlie and the boys. But not just sitting in the same room watching tv, or being on my phone while the boys are playing, but actual, real, quality time. I want to make those memories that will stick with us for a lifetime. 

How are you living in the NOW? 



  1. I think the best thing to do is to recognize it! My husband and I had to put a technology ban on ourselves for Friday nights becuase we realized we werent talking to each other enough after we put hte boys to bed. So now we have a little home-date once a week and I love it!

  2. I just recently read this quote and I love it-- it's so easy to put things off for another day, another stage of life. Being mindful and living in the 'now' is something we should all incorporate into daily life, this is a great reminder.

  3. This is very true. I've noticed lately that being on the phone while you are with somebody you care about isn't exactly being with them.

  4. great post! :)


    p.s. on going giveaways on my blog! :)

  5. I am way behind on your blog for various reasons. :( sorry.

    Yea I am always telling myself I'll do that later. But then later comes and I forget what I was gonna do. and it sucks because usually I have wrote it down.

  6. This is something I totally struggle with doing. I get too caught up in planning the next thing or getting excited about what is upcoming and forget to just relax and enjoy the NOW! Thanks for the reminder :)

  7. This is always great to remember! We try. I always think that my childhood could've been better, if we had done anything together so now we reinforce that we our children.


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