Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Friday. And I'm Happy.

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Heyyyy! Guess what? It's Fridayyyyyy! And that totally makes me happy.  Here are the other things that made my Happy List!

  • The lovely weather we had earlier this week. It was a nice break from the 90+ degree heat. 
  • Chatting with my daddy on the phone on my drive home from work. 
  • Getting my Microsoft Publisher 2010 for Dummies book in the mail. #nerdstatus
  • Getting my nails done. I'm probably there right now as you're reading this... unless you're reading this a long time after I publish this post... in which case...I'm probably not there right now. So... yea. 
  • Having hubby home to spend time with us tonight. We've missed him so much!! 

What's on your happy list??? 



  1. Enjoy your manicure and have an amazing weekend!!!! :)

  2. Enjoy your pampering!!! What color you gettin?? 90 degrees still? Oh my goodness...ours left back in July.

  3. Happy Friday and happy weekend. I need a mani / pedi. '-)

  4. Great list! I need a pedi hardcore lol

  5. Glad it was a good one. Especially that your hubby was home!

  6. You made me snort with your side comment about your nails. Too funny!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hello, Sweetie! Sorry I'm just now making it over here. Your list is great, and I really need a mani-pedi.

    How about this for #nerdstatus (?) I read enough books to earn a nice canvas tote bag from my local library! ;P That really should make My Happy List next time!!!


  8. Oh, and thanks so much for linking-up!


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