Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey There Chickadee

So, my fellow readers out there... what do you think of the term chick lit?
What first comes to my mind is Chiclet.. the gum. Ha! But of course, my brain is weird.  But after awhile, that term really starts to aggravate me. I mean, why is it called chick lit? It kind of implies that the genre is filled with a bunch of airheads.. and that the readers of said genre are, too.  And that kind of ticks me off. Is it because most of the books are written by women? Or because most of the readers are women?  Or because most of the main characters are women? All of the above? What about Nicholas Sparks, does he fit into the chick lit category?
Nobody calls books by male authors "dick lit." Sorry, but yes, I had to go there. Or maybe you prefer bros prose?
But seriously. Why single out this one genre and give it a gender-specific label? Who cares? I'm a woman, yes. I like to read, yes. But I read a whole bunch of different authors and genres and don't feel like women should be pigeon-holed into this one area of the book world. Chick lit has its place in the book industry just as chick flicks have their place in the movie industry. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but in the end, you usually walk away feeling happier having read it.
What's the big deal?

What do you think of the term chick lit? Or about chick lit books in general? Am I the only weirdo who wants to see a "Bros Prose" section at Barnes and Noble? ;)
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  1. So funny- I do love chick lit but had never thought of it this way before. I'd be interested in seeing that bros prose section!

  2. LOL dick lit. That seriously made me laugh out loud. I don't know how I feel about there being a gender specific term of literature but I guess if it helps more female authors get discovered, more power to it? But I can definitely see the sexism in it...

  3. Whoa..never knew the term referred to a type of books....learn something knew every day!

  4. Dick lit... forking awesome, Mia. Forking awesome. I'm going to tell Ammon that one tonight, he'll love it!

  5. Dick lit! Lololololol! I heart you.

  6. My sister-in-law LOVES chick lit. :) Thanks for linking to Super Sunday Sync. Very happy to have you!


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