Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 Jobs I Could Never Do

Do you ever glance at the employment ads in the Classified section of your local newspaper? I often wonder at some of the job openings that are listed. And I'll think "hey, I'm smart, I could do that!"
But more often than not, I will look at the jobs and say, "Whoa! You couldn't pay me enough to do that!" 

So, without further ado, here are 5 jobs that I could never do. And I am by no means putting down any of these fields - they are just jobs that I personally couldn't do.

1) Any kind of medical profession - doctor, nurse, phlebotemist, etc.
I'm too squeamish and too much of a hypochondriac to ever consider a position in the medical field. But of course, I appreciate those who can! Y'all are stronger than me! When faced with a gaping wound or a broken bone, I'm liable to faint or throw up or something.

2) Veterinarian/Animal Shelter Staff, etc.
I would end up trying to adopt every poor little animal that didn't have a home or was being mistreated, etc. I'm too much of a softie to say no. And I get attached very easily to animals.

3) Artist/Graphic Design
Dude, I can't draw my way out of a paper bag, so this would be a very bad career path for me. This is one of those things that you can't really learn - generally, you're born with the talent or you're not. And that gene definitely skipped me.

4) Coroner/Medical Examiner/Embalmer/Funeral home staff
C.S.I don't think so. I can't deal with bodies. I just can't. There's something inherently sad about it. Especially in a funeral home, where your clients are in the throes of deepest grief. I can't do it. 

5)  Accountant/Statistician/Engineer - anything to do with MATH
Just... NO.

What are some jobs that you couldn't do??? 

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  1. I could never be a medical professional either. AH!

  2. The thought of blood makes me light headed, as does maths!

  3. I'd rather stab myself in the neck with a pencil than be an accountant. And I found out a couple years ago when I was subbing that I couldn't be a teacher. Mad props to all teachers! Kids are insane!

  4. I used to want to be a pathologist, but after realizing I'd have to go through medical school and live patients first, I switched my career path.

    I could never be a teacher. I didn't have the patience for teenagers when I was one, let alone now. And all the issues teachers have to deal with from school boards? No thank you.

  5. I couldn't be a vet either and for the exact same reasons.

  6. Dude, I totally agree with this list! Well except for the accountant part because that's what my job experience is, and even though I suck at math, computers and excel make it easy! But I totes agree with the vet one.. I'd constantly be a mess seeing all the little lovies sick and hurt!

  7. I could never work in the medical field. I once fainted on a school trip when we viewed an EKG - a black and white image of a heart pumping. Ha!

  8. My friend is a vet and she really does adopt everything. Her boyfriend is about to cut her off haha!

  9. basically the same ones as you! I'd definitely pass out if I was a phlebotemist!

  10. I could never work at a water treatment plant. Ever.

  11. ANything with maths, working with dead people and working all day at a office like banking HR etc! ;) And maybe going through sevage! ;)

  12. I used to want to be a vet tech. Then I realized that although it would be great to help the cute animals I would be heartbroken for all the ones that didn't make it. I would also want to bring home all of the abandoned ones!

  13. I actually have to agree with every single one of these, especially working with animals. It would only take me like 1 week to become the crazy cat Lady next door!

  14. I work in the medical field and we do surgery 2-3x week. Does not bother me at all, blood pumping outta someones face-I'm good.

    However, I agree with the water treatment plant.

    Also I could never be the dude that picks up road kill lol

    OR be on a road construction crew, I would be afraid of getting hit by a car EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

  15. I'm with you on all of these!

  16. OMG that puppy! My heart nearly melted. One thing I could never be.. yeah definitely not math-related or anything that's boring I guess. IT too.

  17. I could totally never do anything in the coroner/medical examiner's office either...that would just bother me, no way!!! And I totally agree with working in a vet see so many cute and also neglected animals, I would cry on a daily basis.

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam


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