Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Throw in the Towel...

Sigh.  So, you know how as you get older, people will say "you know you're old when..." and then they'll give a few different reasons. Like, when the thought of going drinking at the club makes you exhausted instead of excited.  Or your idea of a vacation is just to be left alone for 5 minutes.  Or you start getting these aches and pains that you never got before.  Or you start saying those cringe-worthy things to your kids that your parents used to say to you (barf). 
Or you get your first gray hair.  Well, you guys, my life is OVER... wanna know why? Because I did find my first gray hair.  No big deal, you say? Well, I'm not talking about on my head... I'm talking about... 
Sorry hubs, you're my "in case of emergency" and this was TOTALLY an emergency!

  What the crap, people???? I'm sure I've vaguely heard that this happens to people, or whatever, but surely... SURELY it would never happen to me, right?  I mean... when you think it's a piece of lint or a thread from your undies or something and you try to brush it off.. and then realize it's friggin' attached to your body?!!?
HOLY BABY JESUS.  I just wanted to cry.  I mean, think about it.  This is the beginning of the end.  If you get gray hairs on your head, you could certainly dye your hair. If you start getting some fine lines and wrinkles, you could always try anti-aging creme or botox, even. But what are you supposed to do with decrepit, down-there hairs??? Sure, plucking could be a short-term solution.  But when there gets to be more salt than there is pepper... oh Lordy. 
It's just a moldy rock, people, relax. 

It sucks, that's how. Thanks for asking. 

Please somebody come sympathize with me and tell me it will be OK! 

Alright, enough bitterness for one evening. ;) I've teamed up with my buddy Jo from Jo, My Gosh! and friends for a pretty awesome giveaway. Enter below. Good luck! 

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    You're welcome :)

  2. This post made me laugh. I can't believe you blogged about it, but I love you more because of it!

    I remember when hubs and I were younger and I said, "do people get gray hairs down there?" and he said, "yeah, that's when you know you're old." Grrrrrreattttt.


  3. You'll be ok and of course you can fix this ;)

  4. You've got balls to post this! I never even thought of gray hairs anywhere but our heads before. Strange!

  5. Oh my goodness, this reminds me of a sex and the city episode where Samantha then tries to dye her hair "down there"...

  6. Ugh... I'm 19 and I already have gray hair on my head! I guess it's only a matter of time :/


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