Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Well hello there, party people!  It's time for another edition of Tickle Me Pink Tuesday! I know it's been awhile.  Are you excited? Are you ready to rock and LOL?  Let's do this! Here are some things that have tickled me lately:

This face. 
I freaking love this kid.

My other kid. I swear, I never have a dull moment with my boys.  But I apparently put one of them to sleep... 

And this video.  Oh my word. You will laugh until you cry. 

Bacon condoms? Really?! I just can't porking believe it. 

What's tickled you lately? 



  1. BACON CONDOMS??? Well if that ain't redneck I dunno what is!

  2. Are bacon condoms a ploy to get more...um...oral gratification?

  3. What the what with those condoms?? SO weird!


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