Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today is the Day!!!

I'm going to the MAROON 5 concert today!!! Woop woop.  So enjoy that news and then go visit me over at my girl Lindsay's blog, Pursuit of Pink. :) You can read a little more about me and check out Lindsay's awesome blog at the same time. :)  Read the post here.
Annddddd don't forget to check back tomorrow for The Book Chat with Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine! I'm co-hosting this week, woohoo!  This week's topic is: Children's Books. :) Super exciting, hope you guys come back tomorrow for that.
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  1. Have so much fun!!! Yay!!!

  2. llucckky. I looveeee Maroon 5. lovelovelove.
    Excited for the book chat tomorrow!

  3. Totally jealous that you are going to Maroon 5, I love them!!!! Have a blast lady and instagram tons of pics!

  4. You better Instagram the you know what out of the concert! I saw them back in 2004 and had so much fun!

    Have a blast, beautiful!

  5. Saw Maroon 5 two summers ago. I might be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Adam Levine (don't tell my husband). :)
    Have fun!!!

  6. You are so lucky, have so much fun!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam


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